Horizontal motion conveyors

H-Motion – Our HORIZONTAL MOTION conveyor gently handles your most delicate products. With long pan lengths, product drops are removed improving product quality throughout the distribution and packaging line. Intermediate and end drives make the HM suitable for most layouts. The option of our custom In-Line Storage solution allows the handling of temporary product surges.

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  • Controllable Horizontal Motion provides fast stop/start and different bed-depths to improve controllability.
  • Horizontal motion reduces seasoning build up on heavily coated products
  • Smooth Self-Cleaning motion does not allow product buildup
  • No product segregation of mixed products

The Fab-store product control strategy provides for optimum plant flexibility. The depth of the product is varied, providing ‘live’ storage in the event of a surge, without the cost/space requirements or breakage of an intermediate store.

  • Product quality benefits:
  • Reduced handling time
  • Reduced exposure time
  • Direct product path
  • Reduced product drops