Platforms and Distribution Systems

Getting your problem from A to B can represent its own challenges but Fabcon relishes a challenge! However, it is not always so simple - sometimes you need to get your product from A to B, C, D or E – or all or only some of them at any given time.

Fabcon specialises in taking your product from the discharge of the process equipment (fryer, oven, extruder or whatever) and distributing it gently and intelligently to the next phase, eg OMS/kitchen seasoning, primary packaging or from primary packaging to multipacking/casepacking.

Distribution systems often need to be mounted on platforms, eg above multihead weighers; Fabcon designs and builds platforms to suit specific layouts and weight loadings. Alternatively, we offer a design service to enable you to have your platforms built locally to our specification.

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Fabcon Air Conveying Systems have been developed from first principles to provide a flexible and gentle handling way of conveying light weight packed product. The system flexibility design provides space saving and will reduce the hands-on labour required to run a busy line.